Areas of Practice

Counselling and Therapy


I work with individuals (women, men, teens) and couples (married, unmarried, heterosexual, same sex) in both brief and long-term therapy. My work is strength and resilience based, focused on helping clients to recognize and utilize their own knowledge and skills in standing up to the difficulties that challenge their lives and relationships. In this work I am informed primarily by narrative, family systems, trauma, feminist, and spiritual ideas.

Some of the issues I work with include:



Supervision & Consultation


I provide supervision and consultation to:


I facilitate supervision/consultation groups for up to six therapists at a time on a monthly basis during the fall and spring months. These groups involve collaborative conversations regarding therapists’ clinical work and concerns as well as their challenges and professional development. Always fun and stimulating, these groups provide support and learning as well as connection and networking with other colleagues. They also satisfy the requirements for group supervision for those therapists working towards Clinical Membership with AAMFT. Participants describe the group as safe, supportive, respectful, regenerative, stimulating, calming, reassuring, powerful learning, encouraging.

Participation in groups is open, on a first come, first served basis.  Please contact me for information regarding dates, times and location of upcoming sessions.


Mindfulness (Insight) Meditation Courses


  1. Introductory meditation courses which provide an introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation, including teaching, practice, discussion and guidance.
  2. Courses for therapists and counsellors on integrating mindfulness with clinical practice.
  3.  Individual mentoring for those wishing individual instruction in beginning a meditation practice.


Insight Meditation - What is it?


Insight meditation, also called mindfulness meditation, is an ancient practice dating back over 2000 years, which modern neuroscience has now scientifically demonstrated to have a profound impact on, and benefit for, the health of our brains, emotions, and bodies, our sense of connection with others and our overall wellbeing. It reduces stress and anxiety and increases our emotional, physical and mental health.

Mindfulness helps us to be fully aware and present in the present moment, rather than being “lost in thought”. It is a kind of mind training, which teaches our minds to stay present and aware of whatever is happening to us in the present moment – i.e., of whatever thoughts, physical sensations or emotions are arising, with acceptance and without judgment, and without either pursuing them or running from them. It teaches us simply to be able to be present and aware without reactivity.

Mindfulness helps us to gradually develop insight into how our minds work, and into how they cause us needless suffering, thus helping us to end this suffering as well as the entrenched habits of mind that cause unhappiness. By actively working with our various states of mind, we learn how to abide peacefully in the midst of whatever happens.